Top trends in Fintech marketing for 2022

Top trends in Fintech marketing for 2022

Financial technology (fintech) is everywhere. The upside to fintech is also in everything it touches – automation, machine learning, and linking into marketing and branding. Marketing is important to get your message out there, but also to gain insights into your audience using qualitative and quantitative data. So what are the trends you need to be on top of in Fintech Marketing for 2022? We delve into some of the highlights and how you can leverage them into your business.

Mobile as a fintech extension

According to Statista, the market value of mobile commerce in Australia is $18.6 billion in 2022 (projected); and 48.9% of Australians use banking apps. Optimising your content for mobile browsing is an extension of your offering – because if a customer’s banking experience isn’t speedy and seamless, it’s usually not worth their time.

Authoritative content strategy

There’s a lot of myths out there about finance and banking – and most people’s financial literacy isn’t up to scratch. Finance and banking institutions’ reputation may have taken a hit during the Royal Commission, but this is also an opportunity to produce authoritative content that helps the consumer make informed decisions. Satwik Chavda, Co-Founder of digital marketing firm Conquerr says his client Savvy made extensive use of producing SEO content to expand their business. “We produce all manner of SEO content that’s not only optimised for search engines but contains information people can use in their daily lives. It’s driven our growth from small car loan broker to full service personal finance and home loan brokers, and one of BRW’s Top 500 fastest growing companies.”

Online ad campaigns

Google and social media advertising are a powerful and cost-effective way to market your brand. Banks and finance love the legacy approach – but it’s scattershot at best. Using real data and insights you can target online ads to specific demographics. The longer you run ads the more data you glean; which you can then use to refine your ads and get even a greater return on investment.

Google Business Profile

Using Google Business Profile consistently creates almighty social proof. Relying on the wisdom of others is huge – 92% of 18–34-year-olds get input from trusted sources before making a purchasing decision – and finance being one of the biggest decisions people make, the more social proof you need. Responding to reviews – good and bad – can build community and rapport; even a bad review is an opportunity to gain goodwill, showing a bank or a broker has time and attention for everyone.

Social media and community

Whether you think social media is a force for good or ill, putting time and attention into social media marketing can help build your community. You need to identify which social media your customers use; there’s little point using TikTok if none of your customers use it. You need to tailor your content to the social medium: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or Twitter. Identifying your audience and creating personalised content is the key to success.

If you’re in fintech and you’re marketing to the masses – or a niche – 2022 is the time to capitalise on these opportunities. For more insights or a free audit of your current marketing strategy, talk to Satwik at Conquerr today.