TigerGPT maximises pre-investment preparation efficiencies with new features in official launch

TigerGPT maximises pre-investment preparation efficiencies with new features in official launch

TigerGPT, an AI-powered chatbot developed among Tiger Brokers’ vast internet services, officially launches today after successful beta testing since April.

As part of this launch, TigerGPT introduces a suite of new features to streamline the process of pre-investment preparation, including personalised stock research that enables investors to quickly filter stocks based on their own criteria, as well as showing trending market topics to help investors to pinpoint the trends in the market.

Instead of spending time navigating multiple news sources, TigerGPT assists investors in extracting company news and performing detailed sentiment analysis to classify them as positive, negative, or neutral.

Another key feature is the ability to summarise highlights from earning calls and releases, offering investors a comprehensive overview of a company’s performance at a glance. Leveraging Tiger Trade’s access to premium data and research, TigerGPT also adds data including support and resistance indicators, stock trend analysis, and economic calendars, expanding its capabilities to address a wider range of inquiries effectively.

“We recognise the crucial role AI plays in the investment industry today and its potential for future growth, which is why we developed TigerGPT — to revolutionise the investor experience on a larger scale. Users no longer need to rely solely on keyword searches or sift through vast amounts of information to find relevant and concise content, which can be time-consuming. With TigerGPT as their AI investment companion, users can now enjoy a whole new dimension of interactive experience, empowering them to make more informed and intuitive investment decisions,” said Wu Tianhua, founder and CEO of Tiger Brokers.

Furthermore, TigerGPT now offers multi-turn conversations, enabling the chatbot to remember previous user inputs and provide meaningful responses based on the ongoing conversation. Additionally, TigerGPT is seamlessly integrated into Tiger Trade’s individual stock page, appearing as a pop-up notification when unusual stock activities or significant events are detected.

Building on its commitment to innovation, the TigerGPT team continually enhances the chatbot on a weekly basis to ensure a seamless and optimised user experience. The full version of TigerGPT is now accessible to users in Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore.

In conjunction with the official launch, users can now participate in TigerGPT activities through the Tiger Trade App. By accessing the “AI Insights for Earnings Season” page within the app, users can engage with TigerGPT by asking questions and have the opportunity to win rewards such as US stock vouchers. Additionally, by posting on Tiger Community and tagging @TigerGPT, users can earn Tiger Coins, which can be redeemed for exclusive gifts and privileges. These activities will be available until October 17, 2023.