The FinTech Report Podcast: Episode 32: Interview with Trent McLaren, The Journey

The FinTech Report Podcast: Episode 32: Interview with Trent McLaren, The Journey

How to achieve a high growth scaleup

From Startup to Scale-Up: how can marketing tell the company story and generate rapid growth? Trent Mclaren gives his top tips on what it takes to scale.

Trent’s just finished up a role with Weel (Previously DiviPay) as Head of Strategic Channels. Whilst Trent’s Officially hanging up the boots at Weel, his role there was an amazing roller coaster ride of growth and innovation and, like all startups, in a very short period of time.

Trent worked with the co-founders as the team scaled from 15 to 55. Trent’s role in building partnerships to drive growth was and is key for Weel, and it’s a lesson that all startups need to understand.

Trent was tasked with building and creating an accounting community that would help the business find new customers, increase brand awareness and create a team to help service the channel.

A few key highlights from the podcast:

  1. Trent onboarded over 600 accountants and bookkeepers into the Weel Partner Program (he had to build the program!) – how did he manage this?
  2. Over 1000 new clients were introduced to Weel through by their trusted advisor, through the Weel partner program. How did this start?
  3. Trent Launched the new Weel brand at Xerocon as a platinum/event partner, where the team was described as everyone’s new favourite app. Actually, the drinks function the day before became the biggest event for Trent!

Trent’s new role is CEO of “From The Trenches” – which he describes as focused on “Real Life in Accounting”, providing practical advice on things you need to know today in your role as an accountant or bookkeeper. From The Trenches is supported by a podcast, and online virtual accounting summits.


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