The FinTech Report Podcast – Episode 16: Interview with James Vaughan, CoreLogic

The FinTech Report Podcast – Episode 16: Interview with James Vaughan, CoreLogic

“Decision making is only as good as the data available,” says James Vaughan, Head of Data Products at CoreLogic.

In this episode James discusses CoreLogic’s mission of ‘powering the property professionals” and especially how they add value to fintechs and neo-banks, such as Athena, Nano and 86 400.

Topics covered in this interview:

  • How data helps fintechs make fast decisions (on home loans) at scale
  • What factors help with loan origination and valuation?
  • James discusses the ‘FinTech/PropTech’ vision of the complete digitisation of the hime loan experience
  • The CoreLogic Developer Sandpit (with Open APIs) and how they engage the early stage fintech sector as well as the larger/growth stage fintechs/banks
  • How data simulation can help with fintech business models
  • How data can help with lead generation and customer engagement
  • The true meaning of LVR (Loan to Value Ratio) and how this may change in the future
  • How house price information impacts ‘responsible lending’
  • Digital Mortgages are the sweet spot for fintech and banking clients right now
  • How will machine learning and Ai impact residential property data
  • The role data plays in helping connect the property ecosystem and the energy sector in the sustainability space

James Vaughan is the Head of Data Products at CoreLogic, and has extensive experience across the data, banking and financial services sectors. He holds a deep understanding of property data trends, digital customer engagement, and risk management from his years in leadership roles across sales, account management and customer solutions.

CoreLogic Asia Pacific is a leading, independent provider of property data and analytics. They help people build better lives by providing rich, up-to-the-minute property insights that inform the very best property decisions. With an extensive breadth and depth of knowledge gathered over the last 30 years, they provide services across a wide range of industries, including Banking & Finance, Real Estate, Government, Insurance and Construction.


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