Taxis coming to the party this Xmas in a technology-driven response to rideshare

Taxis coming to the party this Xmas in a technology-driven response to rideshare

A partnership between PAX Technology and Australia’s largest taxi company – ASX listed A2B Australia – has enabled the nation’s taxi industry to begin rolling out a new customer and driver friendly payment system just in time for the Christmas and New Year party season.

Some 500 new PAX Technology payment devices a week are now being installed in the 13cabs and Silver Service taxi fleets operated by A2B Australia, representing around 8,000 vehicles.

An additional 12,000 taxis across all of A2B’s Cabcharge customers will also receive the cutting-edge devices.

PAX Technology Australia CEO Nigel Lovell said the company has partnered with DataMesh Group to deploy the award-winning A920PRO payment terminals across the national fleets. “This marks a significant step forward in modernising Australia’s taxi industry and enhancing the payment experience for both passengers and drivers.”

A2B Australia Chief Operating Officer Gary Becus said the taxi industry was working to ensure its customers get access to the latest and most innovative technology available. “This is the time of the year when the transport industry is really put to the test getting festive season party-goers to and from their events.”

“We know the frustrations that passengers have with rideshare alternatives, such as surge-pricing, unreliable ETAs and unexplained cancellations,” said Becus. “Now the dependability and flexibility of the taxi service will be combined with a superior and transparent payment system that will please both our clients and our drivers.”

The A920PRO is a versatile and future-proof payment terminal powered by the Android operating system and capable of operating on 4G networks.

“Thanks to the Android platform, it’s not just a payment terminal,” said Lovell. “It combines the metering display of the taxi with the payment system and latest GPS technology, all fully integrated on the one device.”

“As 3G technology is phased out, existing payment terminals are becoming obsolete,” added Lovell. “However, the PAX terminals will ensure A2B’s payment systems remain up-to-date and compatible with evolving technologies.”

“These PAX devices have enabled us to enhance our passengers’ payment experience whilst continuing to provide access to all the different payment types taxi customers rely on, including Cabcharge FASTCARD, E-ticket, Digital Pass and Taxi Subsidy Cards from across Australia,” said Becus.

Becus said the technology will further extend the ability to digitally share trip maps and payment reconciliations with passengers: “We are going down the road of fully digitising the entire travel experience whilst retaining the flexibility of taxi services – from booking, metering, payments, receipting and reporting.”

The PAX A920 incorporates advanced encryption technologies and secure payment protocols, protecting customer data and reducing the risk of fraudulent activities.

DataMesh Group, a leading provider of payment processing solutions, will supply and manage the software infrastructure for A2B’s payment processing systems.

The partnership will cover more than 90% of Australia’s entire taxi fleet, including those operating in regional centres and small towns.

PAX Technology Australia continues its impressive expansion in the local transport sector, with the company recently winning the business of Virgin Australia Airlines and Sydney’s Manly Ferries.