Tax accountant creates software to help everyday Australians pay less tax

Tax accountant creates software to help everyday Australians pay less tax

A Gold Coast tax accountant is saving Australians time, stress and money at tax time with a new low-cost, easy to use tech software, TaxTank.

The cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform transforms tax management and the end of year tax return process into an automated, stress free process to help individual taxpayers claim their fair share of the billions refunded each year.

Nicole Kelly (pictured), Founder of TaxTank said “working as a CPA and taxation specialist for over 18 years, I see client after client struggle to keep on top of their tax affairs. At tax time it’s a mad rush to consolidate expenses while spending hours searching for receipts to substantiate any deductions for the past year.

“Using TaxTank, the tax return is no longer a stressful and time consuming once-a-year event. Instead, everyday Australians can jump online at any time, track their expenses and capture any possible deductions. All it takes is a few minutes a week for everything to be organised and captured well before tax time.”

TaxTank also removes any uncertainty around the end of year tax return outcome. Using live bank feeds, the platform manages taxes in real time and reveals if the user can expect a tax refund or a tax bill.

“For most, the outcome of their tax return is unknown. We wanted to develop a platform that gives the individual taxpayer the ability to not only manage their taxes more effectively but provides a transparent view of their real-time tax position, 365 days a year. This gives the individual and those working with an accountant the opportunity to identify and take advantage of additional tax saving opportunities before the financial year ends,” Nicole added.

At tax time, TaxTank prepares personalised tax return documents for fast, accurate self-lodging through myTax. TaxTank users who are strapped for time or prefer to enlist the help of a professional to lodge for them can invite and collaborate with their accountant or advisor within the platform to view their dashboard and documents.

TaxTank manages work related income and expenses, including car loans and logbooks, using smart tax tools combined with up-to-date taxation rules and live bank feeds. The platform features automated asset depreciation and captures receipts and important documents to safeguard users