Stone & Chalk leads FinTech Hub

Stone & Chalk leads FinTech Hub

FinTech Victoria’s former founding CEO, Alan Tsen, is spearheading the operations of the new hub, which will provide free office and in-kind support for start-ups in the finance and technology industries.

Stone & Chalk says the first phase of the hub will link start-ups to the national and international marketplace, offer mentorship, talent and investment across Melbourne and Sydney.

Stone & Chalk has corporate partners including ANZ, NAB, Findex, Genworth and Liberty Financial.

Mr Tsen said the hub would be a helpful boost for start-ups to tap into the national and global FinTech space.

“Melbourne FinTechs have found it hard to access affordable space, as well as mentorship, talent, business programs and capital,” he said.

“As an ecosystem, we’re emerging as a real centre of excellence in a number of FinTech verticals, like wealth, blockchain technology, and cyber security, and by launching Stone & Chalk in Melbourne we will help local FinTech start-ups feel part of a bigger FinTech movement, connecting them with potential investors, and customers nationally and globally.”

Alex Scandurra, Stone & Chalk’s CEO, said the hub could facilitate the development of the local FinTech ecosystem.


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