The startup founder finding meaning in tap and go transactions

The startup founder finding meaning in tap and go transactions

ImpactPay will give all Australians the opportunity to find meaning in their tap-and-go card transactions. Through a new smart digital wallet, users can accomplish humanitarian change, drive breakthroughs in healthcare, deliver global education and support local initiatives every time they make a purchase.

ImpactPay founders, Adam and Regina Levine, saw an opportunity to tap into the collective power of micro-giving; developing a platform that enables Australians to support the causes of their choosing with each payment or transaction, using this world-first debit card.

“More than 577 billion non-cash transactions take place every year; what if we could harness that to do good? It’s second nature for us all to use our debit cards without thinking twice, however, there is more to money than just spending,” says Levine.

“We want all Australians to have access to a payment platform that allows them to make a difference in the world. The gesture of giving as little as 10 cents for every tap is effortless and if we can amplify that and combine everyone’s 10 cents, we can change the world.”

ImpactPay issues users (tribe members) with a pre-paid debit card powered by Mastercard and a smart wallet app integrated into their mobile phones. The platform is inspired by blockchain technology; providing enhanced transparency so users know that donations go directly to the projects they choose to support.

A ‘Be Good & Do Good’ philosophy sits behind the new venture; encouraging tribe members to Be Good with their money and take control of their weekly spending budget, as well as Do Good by making a positive social impact via their daily transactions and purchases.


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