Sharesight integrates Stropro to boost alternative/structured investments

Sharesight integrates Stropro to boost alternative/structured investments

Sharesight, a leading fintech platform, and investment platform Stropro, announce the Stropro alternatives platform has been integrated with Sharesight to provide an elegant ‘whole-of-wealth’ reporting solution for users of both platforms.

This integration will enable Stropro clients to access the portfolio tracking and tax reporting offered by Sharesight.

Investors using Sharesight will also be able to easily access global alternative investment offerings arranged by Stropro.

Stropro is an investment platform that provides access to curated alternative investment strategies, often also referred to as ‘structured investment products’, from the world’s largest investment banks.

Sharesight currently enables over 300,000 investors to track more than 240,000 global stocks, ETFs and managed funds, plus assets such as cash accounts, property and cryptocurrency.

Sharesight is widely regarded as a best-in-class investment tracking and reporting platform that supports over 170 Australian and global brokers.

Commenting on the partnership, Anto Joseph, CEO of Stropro, said, “Our investor community has been rapidly growing their exposure to global alternatives across multiple asset classes through the Stropro platform.

“Many of our clients were requesting an integration with Sharesight, which is a leader in portfolio tracking and reporting, and we are delighted to offer this to enhance the investor experience.”

Stropro was founded by a team of ex-wealth management and technology professionals. The Stropro platform provides investors access to income strategies which offer greater certainty of returns through volatile markets, and growth opportunities targeting emerging global themes.

Doug Morris, CEO of Sharesight commented, “We are thrilled by the successful integration with Stropro that further enhances our users’ experience by the ability to track alternative investments arranged by Stropro.

“Existing clients with alternative exposure, like structured investments, are currently adding these positions manually. This will now happen automatically for anyone trading through Stropro thanks to this partnership.

“This new partnership also enriches the experience for advisers accessing alternatives for their clients,” Morris said.

Will Lawson, Senior Financial Adviser of Wentworth Securities, noted, “The Stropro-Sharesight integration is a fantastic initiative for clients, advisers and accountants alike. I’ve been thrilled with the Stropro platform and the product offering, but to have these transactions elegantly reported in Sharesight provides me with the whole-of-wealth visibility I need to service and advise my clients.”

Ben Streater, Chief Product Officer at Stropro, added, “Investors are increasingly seeking out alternatives to achieve their desired portfolio outcomes.

“Sophisticated investors often use a range of platforms and providers to access best in class offerings.  Sharesight is a powerful tool to consolidate investment holdings. Stropro clients can access best of breed global alternatives via Stropro and benefit from consolidated wealth reporting via Sharesight.

“The integration will automate this process to enrich the experience for wholesale investors and advisers,” Streater said.