Sharequity wants to lead equity crowdfunding in new direction

Sharequity wants to lead equity crowdfunding in new direction

Australia’s newest equity crowdfunding platform, Sharequity, is planning to work with the corporate fundraising sector rather than compete with it as the first companies get ready to raise capital through the crowd in Australia.


Founded by former GMP Securities Chief Operating Officer, Asia Pacific, Geoff Reilly and backed by leading crowdfunding figure Jack Quigley, Sharequity already has several  companies ready to raise capital by traditional routes, and then through equity crowdfunding when it’s license is approved.


Sharequity, which will also feature other complimentary products, has also already signed a partnership with share registry business Automic and expects to do deals with more corporate advisors, brokers and other traditional fundraising players.


Mr Reilly said the deal is emblematic of the different approach Sharequity is bringing to the sector.


“The new legislation is obviously a big deal for us and the capital raising industry,” said Mr Reilly. “There’s a large number of retail investors that have seen the opportunities available in equity crowdfunding in places like the UK and the US. They want exposure to these investment opportunities and to get in on the act here, right now.”


“But this is part of a broader trend of technology enabling self-directed investors to take greater charge of their investment making decisions. So while it might seem we’re just getting in on the act, we’ve been planning Sharequity based on trends that go well beyond the introduction of equity crowdfunding in Australia.”


Crowdfunding leader Quigley backs new play


Sharequity shareholder and Non-executive Director Jack Quigley is a leading voice of the Australian  crowdfunding industry as managing director of CrowdfundUP and founding director of FinTech Australia. He’s also a member of ASIC’s Digital Finance Advisory Committee.


“At the start of a new market, there’s always a mad dash for market share, while people wait for the value-add later,” said Mr Quigley. “As a Sharequity director, this platform has its eyes on the horizon. The important thing for any platform is to ask itself what is this market going to look like in five years’ time?”


“I believe that the crowdfunding market in Australia will be strongly interconnected with the broader fundraising industry both on the seller’s side and the buyer’s side. Equity crowdfunding is a gamechanger across multiple verticals, but make no mistake it won’t exist in a vacuum.”


Also amongst Sharequity’s major shareholders are Peter Wall, a partner at corporate law firm Steinepreis Paganin. He will serve as Sharequity’s first chairman. Dan Fraser of Ironside Capital is also a major shareholder.