SelfWealth TRADING release mobile trading app

Australia’s only flat fee brokerage solution, SelfWealth TRADING give investors greater accessibility to trade the ASX with the launch of their Trading App.

SelfWealth TRADING hit the market in late 2016 with a fixed fee no commission offering and since has grown their client base to approx. 8000 members. SelfWealth TRADING members can trade the ASX for just $9.50 per trade.

The Trading app will allow SelfWealth members to buy and sell shares on the go, conduct stock research and monitor their investment portfolios in real-time.

SelfWealth Managing Director, Andrew Ward commented that “The app is designed to give members greater visibility of their investments and to ensure they never miss an opportunity.

Developments like our Trading app also help us to engage with our members more regularly, which is rare in the wealth management space”. added Ward.

In the coming weeks SelfWealth will release their internal indexes to members, allowing them to identify easily a portfolio construction method that is receiving high returns, the returns over different time periods and the stocks that are contributing to those returns.  This functionality will be available through the SelfWealth TRADING app in a later iteration.

SelfWealth indexes are based on the top performing investors in the community and the top stocks from those investors’ portfolios and are constructed based on different numbers of stocks and an investors diversification rating.

The SelfWealth TRADING app is available to download from the App Store or Google Play.