Saxo Australia’s ‘exceptional’ FX Prime of Prime offering acknowledged in FX Markets Asia Awards 2024 triumph

Saxo Australia’s ‘exceptional’ FX Prime of Prime offering acknowledged in FX Markets Asia Awards 2024 triumph

Retail FX brokers across Australia can gain access to an “exceptional” FX Prime of Prime (PoP) brokerage service – including liquidity from almost 30 Tier One global Liquidity Providers (LPs) – by partnering with Saxo Australia, according to the prestigious FX Markets Asia Awards 2024.

On 21 March, 2024, Saxo Australia was awarded “Best FX Prime of Prime” in the FX Markets Asia Awards 2024, its first such award from FX Markets in the region.

Its PoP offering is ideal for FX brokers across Australia seeking the sharpest possible prices for their liquidity needs, facilitated by access to the world’s largest FX houses via the three largest financial data centres (LD4, NY4 and TY3).

Through Saxo, PoP clients also have the capacity to “slice and dice” FX liquidity based on their specific needs, and to monitor quotes to optimise fills and limits – which all results in a more competitive retail FX offering, and happier end clients.

In granting the award, FX Markets said Saxo’s PoP offering was of “exceptional quality”, and the standout among a record number of award entrants.

Saxo Australia Institutional’s Gaye Anable said, “Selecting the right PoP provider is critical to ensuring the long-term success of any trading business. Saxo’s breadth of products, extensive liquidity network, execution quality, risk management, compliance, technology and pricing all contribute to the delivery of our client-specific solutions. We are proud to be recognised for our focus on delivering value for our clients.”

Saxo Australia Chief Executive Officer Adam Smith said, “Saxo can facilitate access to the full suite of FX products through its PoP offering, from CFDs to FX forwards, spot, swaps, vanilla options, and more. We also enable clients to cross-collateralise across liquidity sources, venues, and providers. So whatever your FX brokerage’s needs, Saxo can provide a high-quality solution.”

Saxo in 2023 also boosted its PoP offering through its partnership with FairXchange, which provides liquidity management data analytics through its Horizon platform.

Horizon facilitates high-quality eFX insights in real time, including changes in spreads, skews and client trading. This partnership has already led to an uplift in engagement and dialogue from Saxo’s global LPs – leading in turn to a better, sharper liquidity offering for Saxo clients.