Royal commission – Fintechs here to help

Royal commission – Fintechs here to help

Anyone tasked with building and protecting wealth for their investors need the tools to ensure they are acting in their clients’ best interest. Greater scrutiny will be placed on transparency of where and how an individual’s money is invested. Financial advisers, fund managers, superannuation trustees and others taking responsibility for managing client’s assets will be under the spotlight to demonstrate how investment decisions are being made and implemented.

Technology-driven innovation in finance (fintech) has emerged to help investors and money managers make informed decisions when choosing investments. Fintech is a progressive resource intensely focused on accelerating innovation and transformation through the application of technology.

By exploring collaborations between companies, financial institutions and fintechs, industry players are starting to address key findings of the Royal Commission as well as benefit their bottom line and modernise their technology and work practices. Working with fintechs has given many more established institutions a competitive advantage in traditional market segments.

As a result of these sorts of partnerships and the introduction of technology solutions, clients are seeing improvements in productivity, terms of services, transparency and returns. In these scenarios, everybody wins; corporations are addressing wider community concerns, clients are getting better services and the overall perception of the industry is beginning the long road to recovery – all against a backdrop of workflow efficiencies.

Many facets of the financial sector have already benefited from the introduction of fintech-driven innovation, however there are some areas still lagging behind. There is a strong connection between problems highlighted by the Royal Commission and the lack of innovative technology solutions that, in many cases, place visibility and control back in the hands of the investors.

Cashwerkz has developed a platform concentrating on one of these forgotten segments. The Cashwerkz platform focuses on investment choice, user experience (UX) and security illustrating how investment managers and their custodians can use a non-bank platform to service term deposit investments and compare options when investing.

Teaming up with a fintech like Cashwerkz, allows investors to demonstrate easily that their clients’ cash holdings are being invested in their best interest, and in a transparent and efficient way.


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Source: Royal commission – Fintechs here to help – InvestorDaily