Roar Software acquires Archer to expand into financial modelling

Roar Software acquires Archer to expand into financial modelling

ROAR Software has expanded its digital solution footprint, acquiring Archer to provide financial advisers with a client engaging lifestyle goals and milestone planning application.

Archer optimises the goals-based advice process, from the initial meeting visually transforming the clients agreed goals with the  financial adviser  to an executable plan. This creates a more immediate and satisfying experience where the adviser and the client agree on the strategy and Archer devises the strategy to get there.  It also then shows the value of advice over time in a way that has not been done before.

Goals-based financial planning is an interactive process that explores the client’s current position, sets meaningful goals, tracks progress and shows the value of advice with an emphasis on achieving outcomes as opposed to investment performance. Archer also enables clients to engage differently and engage more intuitively with their clients.

By using Archer, advisers can focus on engaging with the client and helping them set their goals instead of focussing on investment performance which can be affected by market volatility and legislative changes, factors which are beyond an adviser’s control.

Developed in response to adviser demand, the Archer technology leverages  ROAR Software’s Highlighter tool, fully integrating with Roar’s Dynamic SOA and ROA’s. Also, as part of this partnership, Archer Founder Cameron O’Sullivan (pictured) will join ROAR Software as Head of Product.

“Archer transforms the advice process by building a tailored goals-based strategy to optimise and explain to the client the strategy, as opposed to a 200-page document where the answers are buried somewhere in it,” said O’Sullivan.

In response to the operating environment, over the past few year advice practices have been reviewing their partnerships and assessing the way forward for their businesses. Clients are also reassessing their lives and lifestyle planning and want to be more involved in the process. These trends have converged to create a transformational period in advice and the way it is being delivered.

“Advice businesses are reviewing how they want to deliver their value propositions in this new era of advice,” said Kevin Liao, CEO ROAR Software. “ROAR Software is assembling a suite of solutions where advisers can pick and choose what they need to deliver advice in their way that is suitable for their clients.”

Archer is available on ROAR Software’s Adviser Marketplace, an agnostic software space where financial advisers can house solution they choose to work with and do so in a highly efficient and effective manner. “We are in a new age of advice where smart solutions and good customer service reign supreme. ROAR Software wants to partner with advisers to provide them the support they need to thrive.”