Regional & generational credit score trends in Australia

Regional & generational credit score trends in Australia

Exclusive research commissioned by Finty shows that Australians in different age brackets and states have very different relationships with credit.

Their research found that although the millennial cohort (Generation Y) were in varying professional and personal stages of life, average credit scores were quite similar across the generation.

For the most part, Gen X had higher average credit scores than the millennial generation. This is unsurprising as it was generally observed in the research that the older the generation, the higher the average credit score was.

Surprisingly, despite that general trend, Generation Z—the youngest generation surveyed—tended to have higher credit scores than their older millennial counterparts.

When comparing the states, ACT had the highest credit score, sitting at 680, followed by Victoria with 668. Queensland had the lowest average credit score, sitting at 641.

NSW and Northern Territory had relatively high scores, at 664 and 660 respectively. Western Australia, Tasmania, and South Australia were on the lower side, with scores falling in the 640 to 650 range.