Q & A: What is Australian FinTech Jobs?

Q & A: What is Australian FinTech Jobs?

What is Australian FinTech Jobs?

Australian FinTech Jobs is the only dedicated jobs board for the FinTech industry in Australia.


Are the roles just ‘finance’ or just ‘tech’?


The roles posted on our site to date include interns to C-suites and everything in between – Sales & Marketing, Digital Marketing, Tech, CEO’s CTO’s, CFO’s, CIO’s, Accounting, Legal & Compliance, Analysts, BDM’s, PR, HR, Admin, EA’s, Data & Analytics, FX, Developers, Engineers and of course IT and Finance.

There’s no restrictions, as long as the role is for a FinTech company or a FinTech role within a non-FinTech company, like a bank etc.

Even the new CEO of FinTech Australia was hired via our site.


Who can use it? Is it only for FinTech companies?

The site has been widely used by both FinTech companies and recruitment firms.

The site is also open to non-FinTech firms, like banks, accountants, financial planners etc, who might be seeking a FinTech expert or someone who has previously worked for a FinTech company in any capacity.


Is it expensive?

Absolutely not!

We understand that many FinTechs are startups, where every cent is accounted for.

Standard Listings are only $99 per job per month, including GST.

We also have Featured Listings at just $149 per job per month, including GST.

And for those looking to hire en masse, or perfect for a recruitment firm, we have our Unlimited Package, where for the month of June you can post as many Featured Listings roles as you like for 6 months for only $999 including GST (instead of $1,395) – please contact us for the promo code.


Are there any hidden fees, commissions payable, lock-in contracts?

No. No. And no.

We’ve kept the pricing and process as simple as possible.


We already have a job listed on our own website, so can candidates apply through our site?


We have this great function where applicants hit he APPLY button on our site and they’re automatically redirected to the application section on your website or jobs board so that all your candidates are applying in the one place.

Candidates can also apply to your email address if you wish.

Whatever is easiest for you.


How many jobseekers have registered on your site?

1,500 jobseekers have registered on Australian FinTech Jobs, and people only register if they’re applying for a job.


How many people visit the site each month?

Australian FinTech Jobs averages 10,000 unique users per month.


Why should a FinTech company or Recruitment firm use the Australian FinTech Jobs platform?

Quality not quantity candidates.

We don’t have 200 or 300 people applying for one role, wasting your time sorting through them all to find a few good candidates, if any.

On Australian FinTech Jobs the candidates are there because they want to be involved in FinTech or they already work for another FinTech company.

One leading FinTech company stated they ‘…would have hired all five out of five applicants’.


What other benefits are there?

  • Indeed.com – Australian FinTech Jobs has a strategic partnership with Indeed, the world’s #1 job site. Every role posted on Australian FinTech Jobs is also posted on Indeed at no extra cost.
  • Social media posts – All Featured Listings roles are shared across the social media pages of both Australian FinTech Jobs & Australian FinTech – LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook – viewed by an audience of over 8,000 followers.
  • Featured Listings – Featured Listings jobs also appear on AustralianFinTech.com.au, where up to 20,000 unique monthly users see the roles.
  • FinTech Industry – Getting your role in front of everyone and anyone in the Australian FinTech industry via both Australian FinTech & Australian FinTech Jobs, and those on the outside wanting to get in.
  • Niche Website – Australian FinTech Jobs is a dedicated platform in a niche market.


Any Questions?

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us here.