Pull together for the Aussie Drought Row-lief

Pull together for the Aussie Drought Row-lief

The entire state of NSW has been declared in drought after a drier than ever June and July. As a result, the state’s farmers are experiencing one of the toughest winters they have seen. With failing crops, water shortages and a diminishing supply of fodder to sustain stock, farmers are struggling just to keep their stock alive, let alone make ends meet.

Companies nationwide have been doing their part to help out, donating money to help the families living on the land with necessities, or donating hay bails to help keep their herds alive. As a small business with a big heart, Brisbane-based lender, Jacaranda Finance has decided to jump on board and do their part to help out.

Jacaranda Finance has joined forces with Science of Fitness gym and the F45 Paddington branch to pull together a friendly rowathon to raise money for the nations struggling farmers, in aid of Aussie Helpers on Saturday the 8th of September. The Drought Row-lief will be held at both gyms on Saturday the 8th of September in a combined effort to give to those who are currently in need.

Founder and CEO of Jacaranda Finance, Daniel Wessels, stated “we’re really excited to do our part to contribute to such an amazing cause. We don’t realise when we’re sitting on our couches in the evenings, putting our feet up after a hard day in the office with our nice home cooked meals, that while our day and the stresses that came with it are over, it’s a different story for these poor families.”

“It’s not hard for us to pitch in a little bit and who doesn’t love a good rowathon? With our office split pretty evenly between Science of Fitness and F45, we figured that when it came to where we would host the event, we would get both gyms involved. The more the merrier, right?” Wessels added.

Both gyms will have 5 rowing machines going over a 90 minute period and anyone is welcome to jump on and have a go. Jacaranda Finance will donate $20 for every kilometre rowed between both gyms which will be donated to the farmers through our friends at Aussie Helpers. The events will be held outside the gyms and both will be hosting a DJ. An invitation has also been extended to the Lord Mayor of Brisbane, Graham Quirk, and Rugby legend, Darren Lockyer, to come down and show their support.

Head trainer at Science of Fitness, Joseph Agresta stated, “We’re really looking forward to hosting such a cool event and we’re excited that we’re able to join forces with the F45 crew and work together for such an awesome cause. We know that everyone in the gym is keen to get involved in some way and we’ll all be sure to eat our vegetables the night before so we can smash out as many kilometres as possible!”

With 61% of NSW in intense drought and the other 31% being drought affected, every little bit counts. However, there have been many efforts across the country to help relieve the farmers from so many of the struggles that come with a drought. The Fiver for a Farmer drive, Buy a Bale of Hale, Aussie Helpers and many more foundations are all movements towards the NSW drought relief. Now Jacaranda Finance’s Drought Row-lief is joining the movement.

Owners of the Paddington, Toowong and Indooroopilly F45 branches in Brisbane, Shaun and Rebecca Green, stated, “we were on board as soon as Jacaranda brought the idea to us. What we love about our gym is that the atmosphere is inclusive and supportive and so hosting an event like this allows us to extend this to the farmers that work so hard to provide us with the products that we’re so used to.”

Wessels added that “Jacaranda Finance, Science of Fitness and F45 Paddington are all working hard to get everything ready for the Drought Row-lief next weekend. For anyone wanting to watch the rowing action unfold, head down to Science of Fitness in South Brisbane or F45 in Paddington and support our farmers in need. All funds raised from the rowathon will be donated to the farmers through Aussies Helpers.”

“Anyone is welcome to come down and have a go on the rowing machine and show their support for our farmers. Local businesses are also welcome to get involved and donate along with Jacaranda, perhaps even match our offer. We’re wanting as many people to get involved with this as possible. So, to everyone out there who has no plans for Saturday morning, come down to either gym this Saturday the 8th of September and pick up oars for a good cause!”

Addresses for events:

Science of Fitness
15 Manning St, South Brisbane 4101

F45 Paddington

2/183 Given Terrace, Paddington 4064


For more information on the event, or to find out how you can contribute, please contact Renee at [email protected]