ProSpend launches Virtual Cards to make business expense reconciliation easier – Go virtual with ProSpend!

ProSpend launches Virtual Cards to make business expense reconciliation easier – Go virtual with ProSpend!

ProSpend, formerly expensemanager, rebranded in February 2023 and announced the launch of their new product – Virtual Cards.

Virtual cards are a revolutionary spend management solution giving businesses tight control over employee spending. Virtual cards have quite a few advantages over physical cards, especially when they’re being issued directly out of a truly comprehensive, easy-to-use, proactive business spend management system like ProSpend.

Live transaction feeds, automated receipt matching, truly proactive budget control, effective dashboards and reports, and deep integrations with ERPs – ProSpend Virtual Cards are backed by over 20 years worth of pioneering, product development and engineering experience in the comprehensive Business Spend Management Platform space.

One of the many ways the ProSpend Card improves upon any virtual card offering is off the back of ProSpend’s robust, dynamic and highly configurable approval flows that have been used to process over 50 million documents. They ensure that the right people get their virtual credit cards as quickly as needed, enabled with the right currencies, restricted to the right spending limit, in line and in sync with their multi-dimensional budgets, and approved by the right people, all without compromising on any of the other benefits offered.

With the ability to set transaction, daily and monthly spending limits and a maximum transaction limit, virtual cards keep everything neat and tidy. These cards can also be restricted to work only with a set of pre-approved industries.

With a ProSpend virtual card, you can use your online account to instantly block or freeze cards the moment you fear they may be compromised in some way. Additionally, all your online purchases are protected via Visa, Apple Pay, and Google Pay’s anti-fraud systems. Moreover, with the ability to issue cards for specific subscriptions and one-off expenses, you eliminate the risk that comes with sharing the same card details.

Virtual cards represent a revolution in the world of financial transactions, offering a smarter, safer, and more convenient alternative to traditional debit and credit cards.

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