Loyalty with FinTech

Loyalty and payments has always gone hand in hand and now that technology is revolutionising the payments industry it’s taking loyalty with it. While retailers, large and small, have always used loyalty programs to engage with their customers it has always been a hassle for the customer. Sometimes it’s worth it but the endless need to carry the separate loyalty cards, take out the best credit card or make sure you enter the right code has always held them back.

Integrating the loyalty into the payment so that the technology we have in our phone or digital wallet will just know which of our cards to use or simply add the purchase to our store loyalty program will make this system immensely more efficient. Add to this that by simply knowing the right place to start our online shopping we can greatly improve the rewards we receive. Of course there is technology to point us in the right direction and ensure that if Woolworths is offering a discount then we can be sure to get it, in many instances we may even get cash back at the same time.

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