Oak Capital embraces automation as it announces strategic partnership with finPOWER

Oak Capital embraces automation as it announces strategic partnership with finPOWER

finPOWER, a leading provider of financial software solutions, have announced a new partnership with Oak Capital, a specialist mortgage lender operating two Contributory Mortgage funds. This collaboration marks a significant step for Oak Capital, aiming to automate, secure, and streamline their operational framework, setting the stage for future growth and improved customer satisfaction.

Following an extensive evaluation process, Oak Capital selected finPOWER as the preferred loan management system (LMS) provider due to its alignment with strategic goals, cost-effectiveness, and local expertise. finPOWER’s advanced technology and industry knowledge will significantly elevate Oak Capital’s loan management capabilities.

finPOWER‘s Loan Management System, finPOWER Connect, will be tailored to meet Oak Capital’s unique and complex needs, including customisation, configuration, and setup to ensure it exceeds operational requirements.

The implementation of finPOWER Connect will support Oak Capital in strengthening their security protocols through automation, reducing the risk of human error. This will enable Oak Capital to deliver a smooth and uninterrupted service to their customers while safeguarding their data with finPOWER’s robust and intuitive capabilities. Custom API’s will be developed to connect HubSpot and other key systems, ensuring that business practices can continue seamlessly. These integrations aim to provide an enhanced experience for both the team and clients.

Nick Cartwright, Manager – Operations at Oak Capital, stated, “The integration with finPOWER’s advanced Loan Management System and Investor Management Products aligns perfectly with our vision for growth and enhanced client service. We are confident that this partnership with finPOWER will bring substantial benefits to our clients and our organisation. This collaboration sets a new standard for efficiency and security for our people and clients. We look forward to a successful implementation and the many advantages it will bring to Oak Capital.”

Lee Slattery (pictured), General Manager of finPOWER, added, “We are excited to partner with Oak Capital and see the significant impact finPOWER Connect Loan Management System and our range of products supporting end-to-end Investor Management will have on the business. Hearing about Oak’s business model and their complex needs, we knew they needed a solution that could support complex calculations, specific automations, and ease of use for their team. finPOWER Connect is a robust product with partners, tools and applications that can support Oak at every stage of the journey for the borrower, investor, and the team.”

Future Developments

The team at finPOWER have stated that they look forward to delivering the new system in Q4 2024, with ongoing general and strategic support to ensure the system evolves with Oak Capital.

Looking ahead to 2025, phase two of the development will commence, featuring fully integrated Investor, Borrower, and Broker portals to further automate and enhance operational capabilities.