New super fund designed to get Australians engaged with their financial futures

New super fund designed to get Australians engaged with their financial futures

Superhero has today unveiled its new technology-enabled super fund for Australians seeking transparency and control over how their super is invested – without the need for a self-managed super fund (SMSF).

Independent research published by Superhero has found 80% of people would like to have a say in how their super is invested, and more than 50% of people under 45 regularly check in on their superannuation.

“It’s clear that Australians want transparency and they want control over how their superannuation is invested,” said Superhero Co-Founder and CEO John Winters.

“A lack of transparency and investment choice has left younger Australians feeling disengaged with their super despite being very engaged in other areas of their finances, with more young Aussies than ever investing in shares with their savings.”

“We have been trained by the industry to blindly hand over 10% of our salary and then throw away the key for 30 years. We think it’s time to say no to this.”

Superhero Super gives members direct access to their super to invest in ASX-listed shares, ETFs, and LICs, and the ability to invest in a way that reflects their values and beliefs.

It also meets the demand for exposure to global and domestic investment opportunities without the cost and burden of a SMSF.

“We have built a super fund that offers true engagement, offering members greater control over how their hard-earned money is invested,” Winters said.

Members can choose to invest directly in the top 300 ASX-listed shares, more than 150 ETFs or in a range of professionally managed index, sector and themed portfolios.

Winters said, “Australia has a well-established history of self-directed investing that is in stark contrast with our habit of defaulting into black box super funds. Most people consider the barriers to entry of a SMSF too high and many just don’t want the headache.”

“Make no mistake: we are here to disrupt the status quo. We want to change the way people think about it.”

“Superhero launched with $5 ASX share trading in September 2020, then launched zero brokerage U.S. trading last month. We are proud to now be able to launch the product behind our name, Superhero, the superannuation fund we set out to create when we started out three years ago. Our vision was to offer low fees, full transparency and maximum control for Australians and really get people engaged with their super,” said Winters.