New feature in Diversiview: Portfolio Volatility Alerts

New feature in Diversiview: Portfolio Volatility Alerts

LENSELL has announced a new feature in Diversiview.

This feature is unique on the market – Portfolio Volatility Alerts.

When markets move, your portfolio reacts as well and may become more volatile and riskier. That is ok if it’s still in your risk tolerance range… but how do you know?

Portfolio Volatility may change in time due to a variety of factors. It could be because the volatility of individual securities in the portfolio may have changed due to a new economic context, the allocation of money between securities (the weights) may have changed due to your recent buys and sells, or the granular correlations between pairs of securities may have changed in time.

Every time when something changes, your portfolio volatility needs to be recalculated. That is a very complex task if you own more than a few securities.

Here is where Diversiview can help you! If you ask to be alerted, it will do the recalculation for you every time when new performance data is in, and it will inform you of the relevant changes.

How can you set up Portfolio Volatility Alerts?

Portfolio Volatility Alerts are available for subscribed users. From your dashboard, click on the star corresponding to the portfolio of interest:

You will be presented with a slider where you can select the threshold for notifications:

Once you set up notifications, Diversiview will email you when portfolio volatility has increased by more than the specified threshold.

If you aren’t a Diversiview user, give it a try for free today.

Diversiview is a unique AI-based Portfolio Planning and Optimisation tool for active investors who want to boost their portfolio performance. It allows investors to see critical portfolio indicators and the deep, granular diversification at security level, and it also gives users several very powerful tools to use the Efficient Frontier theory to find the asset allocation that’s optimal for their preferred risk/return outcome.

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If you have any questions, contact the LENSELL team at: [email protected] or the Diversiview support team at  [email protected] .