Navexa users can now track NASDAQ, NYSE holdings

Navexa users can now track NASDAQ, NYSE holdings

Navexa has just added the two major US stock exchanges to its stock and cryptocurrency portfolio tracking platform. Working with their data providers at OpenMarkets, Navexa went live with NASDAQ and NYSE listings last week.

The two major exchanges join the platform’s benchmark ASX to give Navexa users the ability to track and analyse more than 8,000 stocks and funds in Australia and the US.

Catering primarily to Australian-based investors, Navexa users can track their US holdings in Australian Dollars and see the currency differential at a glance.

Founder and head developer of Navexa, Navarre Trousselot, says “we wanted to make sure adding this capability to the platform didn’t make things confusing or complex for our customers”.

“Bringing the NASDAQ and NYSE to Navexa gives our users more scope to track and analyse their investments. Soon, we’ll be looking to add further overseas exchanges to the platform as we continue to develop a comprehensive service in line with what our customers are telling us they need.”

The two new exchanges join the ASX and every major cryptocurrency on the Navexa platform, the fintech start-up Navarre founded in 2018.

Navexa provides a data-rich suite of analytics tools to investors who take an active interest in managing and monitoring their own portfolios.