Navag8 launches first Australian white label with the Credit Repair Group

Navag8 launches first Australian white label with the Credit Repair Group

Navag8 have launched the first Australian white label of their microsavings app with Credit Repair Group (CRA) in Sydney.

CRA has been helping thousands of Australians resolve their credit rating issues since 2003, focussing on debt solutions and credit restoration.

Branded as CRA Smart Saver, CEO Richard Symes wanted a set and forget savings tool that helped solve two of the problems their customers have – lack of savings and not understanding where they spend money.

“We are excited to be Navag8’s first Australian partner and it’s been great working with their team during the set-up process. The app fits perfectly with our mission to improve the financial health of our clients. Since 2003 we have spoken to more than 600,000 people regarding their financial circumstances and for many of them using a tool such as this could make a real difference.”

The first iteration of CRA Smart Saver has the standard Navag8 features of Round-up Savings, Top-ups (automated regular deposits), Bank Account Aggregation (via Basiq) unlimited goal setting and spending insights.

Unlike the many personal finance management (PFM) tools on the market, CRA Smart Saver actually moves money for the client and away from temptation, combining a simple savings method with a user friendly interface and positive prompts to help reach goals.

During COVID, Navag8 experienced a huge spike in enquiries from around the world as digital adoption became the new norm and a looming recession highlighted the need for savings tools. Our team quickly realised that potential clients were not just going to be the banks and financial institutions we originally thought.

“Credit Repair is a great fit for us because they are heavily invested in creating a positive customer journey for people who may be in an uncomfortable financial position. We are aligned in our vision of positive financial engagement and making sure there is a tool to help those who just want to set and forget,” said Marshall Stephen, CEO and Co-founder, Navag8.

The app is available on a subscription model for $1.50 per month which means no in-app advertising and will be directly offered to more than half a million CRA customers as well as the general public.

CRA Smart Saver is available on the Apple Store and Google Play.

To find out more, get in touch with the Navag8 team:  [email protected]