NAB launches instant card feature with NAB Pay

NAB launches instant card feature with NAB Pay

Whether you’ve lost your card or left it at home, you can now use NAB Pay to make contactless payments with your Android phone.

NAB is the latest bank to launch a new feature to add to the contactless payments bandwagon. With the launch of a new instant card feature on the NAB Pay app, customers with compatible Android devices can now use their phone to make payments if they’ve lost their card.

As a replacement card typically takes a few days to arrive, the feature is an easy way for cardholders to continue making payments without their card. You can use your Android phone for payments wherever contactless cards are usually accepted around the world, which is especially valuable if you lose your card while travelling.

At this point, you can only use the NAB Pay mobile contactless system payment if your card has been damaged, lost or stolen and you’ve requested a replacement card. If this is the case, you can arrange a replacement card by contacting NAB on 1800 033 103 (within Australia) or +61 3 8641 9121 (from overseas) and NAB will link your new card to your NAB Pay digital wallet, making it available to use immediately.

As of today, an additional six NAB Visa cards will also be added to NAB Pay, meaning that all personal NAB visa credit cards can be used through the app.

NAB Pay has been used to make 225,000 debit and credit transactions since the launch in January 2016. Considering more than 70% of all Australian transactions are now being made using contactless technologies, these numbers are sure to continue climbing.

Mobile contactless payments are especially on the rise this year. Non-NAB Android users will soon be able to use contactless payments with the forthcoming launch of Android Pay, Apple fans can use Apple Pay with ANZ and American Express and Samsung loyalists who are with Citi or American Express can also use Samsung Pay to make contactless payments.

This is only the beginning of the contactless mobile payment market, though, so it’s only a matter of time before all of the major banks in Australia offer one (if not several) of these alternatives.

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