Monoova launches market leading referral partner program

Monoova launches market leading referral partner program

End-to-end payments provider Monoova has today announced the launch of a market leading referral partner commission program.

“Our referral partner network has been integral to the success of our business and the launch of a newly improved program is a great opportunity for referral partners to diversify their income stream. The program includes both an upfront payment and ongoing trailing commission for the introduction of a client that is successfully onboarded,” CEO of Monoova, Christian Westerlind Wigstrom (pictured) said.

Monoova’s Automated Payment Service (APS) allows partners to automate how they receive, manage and pay funds in real time across a large number of payment methods including realtime NPP, Direct Debit, BPAY, etc. Clients can access Monoova’s payment services in two ways, either via an API, which allows a high level of customisation, or a portal, which brings together some of the most powerful features of the API for businesses looking for a human user interface.

Businesses and industries that may benefit from Monoova’s payment capabilities include Government, Fintechs, Lenders, Online Exchanges, Real Estate, FX Companies, ASX listed entities, Large Retailers, Payment providers and various others.

Commenting on the new program, Westerlind Wigstrom said, “At Monoova, we are continually investing in our capabilities to ensure our partners can spend more time on supporting customers’ needs and less time on payments administration. Having our products referred through a trusted network is a fantastic opportunity for Monoova, our referral partners and clients.”

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