Money Matchmaker to provide Consumer Finance solution to Finance & Coffee community

Money Matchmaker to provide Consumer Finance solution to Finance & Coffee community

Finance and Coffee announce a breakthrough partnership with Australia’s Money Matchmaker™, the leading innovative matchmaker tool in the Consumer Finance space.

Backed by its well-established financial hub, the team of experts at Money has built an advanced tool that brings the most comprehensive information on all types of personal finance – from debt consolidation loans to home improvement loans, car loans and more – to everyday Australians.

The partnership emerged out of the need for mortgage brokers to continue serving consumer asset clients in the new BID environment. The new BID disregards the hard work and commitment that brokers put into writing personal loans. It feels important to us to propel the conversation forward and promote a tool that can meet client demand and open up business for brokers.

Enter the Money Matchmaker™ engine, which enables consumers to easily find the right loan option online by simply answering a questionnaire. The engine uses your clients’ answers to show real lenders, real rates and actual repayments across all the lenders that they are eligible for. Your client is then connected directly to the lender they choose to complete their loan application. It’s 100% online, so Money doesn’t contact your client, keeping you in control of the relationship.

Through the partnership, Money will provide a reliable Consumer Finance solution for the Finance and Coffee broker community, allowing new and existing brokers to be fully compliant to BID and earn the revenue they deserve.  Mortgage brokers will send the online form to their clients that need consumer credit assistance and earn commission on the settlement.


To get started, simply head HERE.

If you have additional questions or require further assistance, you can reach out to our team via [email protected] or the Money team