Lumiant launches free client experience tool – Lumiant Lite

Lumiant launches free client experience tool – Lumiant Lite

Lumiant has launched a free version of its award-winning cloud-based behavioural finance and client experience platform – Lumiant Lite. The new offering will allow financial professionals to access Your Life, Your Goals and Your Tasks modules, to help engage their prospects and existing customers as well as provide their clients with a client dashboard.

Lumiant was built to support financial professionals with the tools they need to deliver scalable client-centric advice. Its structured and robust software supported advice process places client values at the heart of the experience. While the platform’s award-winning user interface and experience have been designed to engage clients by visually giving their money meaning.

Lumiant has a wide variety of modules and tools that support financial professionals in truly getting to know their clients, shaping strategies, setting goals, and keeping clients accountable.

“At Lumiant, we are committed to helping financial professionals in delivering extraordinary outcomes for their clients. This means we need to offer clients a better experience than an 80-page, jargon-filled, printed document that translates their dreams, wants and aspirations into financial products,” said Santiago Burridge, CEO at Lumiant.

“We want to bring client dreams to life, helping capture both financial and non-financial goals, understanding what drives them in life before setting the tasks they need to live their best life. That’s why we launched Lumiant Lite, to help more people uncover, set and track their goals and aspirations with their financial adviser.”

Your Life

Your Life is Lumiant’s take on the old-fashioned fact find. Clients complete a quick survey that aims to understand what’s important to them and how they can live a life more aligned with their values, before capturing basic financial information.

The Lumiant Goals Wizard

Your Goals is Lumiant’s detailed SMART goals wizard. It allows both the client and adviser to create, prioritise, edit and track client financial and non-financial goals. This means, should a client want to add, change or show their adviser they have completed a goal outside of their typical annual reviews, they can do so via the client dashboard. By keeping tabs on their clients’ goals, financial professionals can send relevant information to clients when they need it, helping them achieve their aspirations.

Your Tasks captures and collates all to do, doing and completed tasks

Your Tasks keeps everyone accountable for what they need to do to help clients live their best lives. Better yet, both Your Goals and Your Tasks keep a record of completed items, enabling financial professionals to easily show clients what they have achieved together and the impact their advice has had on a client’s life.

Clients can log in and see how they are tracking with their financial goals and tasks at any time through Lumiant’s client portal – Your Lifebook. The client portal recently received a Gold Good Design Award Winner Accolade in the Good Design Awards for Design Excellence, due to its elegant and engaging end to end experience for advisers and their clients.

“Financial services has been product led for too long. However, it is becoming difficult for firms to invest in change due to increasing costs. This leaves us trying to provide client-centric advice with tools not fit for purpose and our wonderfully rich notes about a client’s life end up in a filing cabinet serving little purpose,” said Burridge.

“With Lumiant Lite, we have created a free tool to help financial professionals transition to a process that places the client at the heart of the experience. That brings to life the extraordinary conversations we have with clients, capturing and tracking the important goals and tasks that allow us to change lives.”

With Lumiant Lite, financial professionals can start migrating all of their client goals and tasks over to the Lumiant platform. Through the client portal, clients can log in and create, update and track their goals, as well as complete Lumiant’s fact-finding module, Your Life. Lumiant Lite has been designed to help financial professionals to continue to engage their clients on their financial goals outside of regular meetings.

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