Link4 helps Government Organisations embrace the new era of eInvoicing

Link4 helps Government Organisations embrace the new era of eInvoicing

eInvoicing (Electronic Invoicing) is rapidly taking over the globe – including a significant take-up in Australia, and that’s where Link4 comes in.

eInvoicing offers organisations some extraordinary benefits that can help transform the financial landscape of any workplace/business. Protection from email scams, improved workflow, cost reductions, and faster payment times – are a few evident advantages that can be experienced from the digitalisation of invoice exchange.

The Australian Government mandated eInvoicing for federal agencies from July 2022. The ATO lists 65 government departments and agencies live with eInvoicing as of now – Link4 has the privilege of providing eInvoicing solutions to 34 Australian government departments and agencies. As such, Link4 can be recognised as the most preferred eInvoicing service for the Australian Government.

“As departments in the government have been racing to become eInvoice compliant, Link4 has been assisting them to connect in the simplest way possible,” said Link4 CEO, Robin Sands (pictured left).

Government agencies must ensure they settle their suppliers’ payments within five days. Departments that fail to follow this 5-Day Payment Policy are required to make late payments with interest. As a result, this policy has encouraged thousands of suppliers to join the Peppol eInvoicing network with more being added daily.

“Federal agencies are supporting Australian businesses with eInvoicing, and we are fully geared to enable all levels of government to serve their communities with a safer and more secure process for receiving, as well as sending invoices,” Sands added.

Link4 has carried out integrations with an extensive range of Cloud Accounting and ERP systems to enable accurate, secure and seamless invoice delivery, along with flexible payment solutions for all levels of organisations in the government and the business sector.

“With so many departments going live with eInvoicing, many suppliers are recognising the importance of joining eInvoicing,” said Link4 CTO, Sam Hassan (pictured right). “As an Australian-based fintech, we are focused on creating awareness to encourage more vendors to follow in the path to adopting eInvoicing, in order to improve their cash flow and overall financial operations.”