LENSELL announce a new AI-based feature in Diversiview

LENSELL announce a new AI-based feature in Diversiview

This is unique on the market – Efficient Frontier Discovery. It uses AI techniques to help investors find the most efficient investment portfolio positions.

What’s Diversiview?

Diversiview is the #1 AI-based Portfolio Planning and Optimisation tool for active investors who want to boost their portfolio performance.

Based on Nobel Prize winning research (1990) from Harry Markowitz who introduced the Modern Portfolio Theory and the Efficient Frontier theory, Diversiview is the single tool on the market that allows users to find the most effective positions for their portfolios using AI and a simple, yet very powerful, interface.

No more ‘60/40’ or ‘100-age’ simplistic old school methods to design portfolios – technology and data science help modern investors to be smarter than that.

Why Efficient Frontier Discovery?

Each investor wants to find that asset allocation that brings the best out of their portfolio.

When you invest, you take a risk. And you want a good return for that risk – the best you can do.

Investment research means not only selection of highly performant individual investments, but also figuring out which combination of investments can give the best overall portfolio return for the lowest risk.

So far people have tried various methods to find that ideal allocation of money into investments that would give a balanced, powerful portfolio. Unfortunately, they all had to deal with the same difficulty – the complexity of calculations. It is not humanly possible to perform the thousands or even millions of computations required by a thorough investigation, by hand or in Excel.

Diversiview already uses AI algorithms and run millions of calculations to show users their Portfolio Universe® – that is, the thousands of risk & return potential positions corresponding to different % allocations for the investments in their portfolios.

Users are now able to discover those few allocations that give the maximum expected return for a given level of risk. That is, they can find the positions on the Efficient Frontier.

How to access this feature

Efficient Frontier Discovery in 3 simple steps

  1. Move the selector to the level of risk you’re comfortable with.
  2. Check the maximum expected return for that level of risk.
  3. Run the analysis and check the new composition (asset allocation)

The Efficient Frontier Discovery feature is available for Diversiview analyses run after December 1, 2021. For analyses performed before this date, the button and the Efficient Frontier positions will not be visible.

LENSELL is working on some more exciting features in Diversiview.

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