Lakeba expands executive team

Lakeba expands executive team

Lakeba has expanded its executive team to optimise its marketing, sales and business development capabilities. A new head of SaaS marketing, head of sales and chief business development officer have been appointed to augment Lakeba’s business building disciplines for its next phase of growth.

“As soon as the Financial Times ranked us as a high-growth company for the second year running, we initiated the next business building phase. Critical to this is our increased calibre in marketing, business development and sales,” says Giuseppe Porcelli, Group CEO of Lakeba.

“It’s the perfect growth trinity,” comments Porcelli on the simultaneous appointments of each of the executives.

Lakeba’s growth plans always included the appointment of all three roles. Thereby ensuring that the business development, marketing and sales portfolios optimise at the same pace.

“I’ll admit the plan hoped to start them in the same quarter. But in our typical Lakeba way, we nailed it by having Carmen, Mark and Tom join on exactly the same day. Part by design, bit of luck and lots of can do – it’s how we always operate,” adds Porcelli.

Carmen Kalinowski-Weaver joins Lakeba as Head of SaaS Marketing, working across all of Lakeba’s businesses and the wider Group. She’ll be accelerating each of the brands, drive customer demand generation and develop Lakeba’s marketing teams.

Carmen joins Lakeba after having held senior marketing roles at Perpetual Corporate Trust, Equifax and Rabobank.

Mark Hughes joins in a new role as Head of Sales for the Group, with an initial focus on building out the sales disciplines and international infrastructures for Lakeba’s most mature financial services ventures.

Mark joins the company following a successful sales career in technology and data services.

Thomas Bender is Lakeba’s newly created Chief Business Development Officer. He joins to broaden the scope of Lakeba’s partnerships programs reaching grassroots start-ups while also integrating Big Tech internationally.

Thomas brings his entrepreneurial experience to Lakeba, following the successful commercialisation of several of his own ventures and consulting to businesses scaling theirs.

All three join the leadership team at Lakeba, expanding the international perspectives, growth precedence, energy and best practice of Lakeba, its ventures, scale up fund and partnerships.

Each of the new executives will be based at Lakeba’s international HQ in Sydney, Australia.