KOBA launches connected EV Insurance, now available for Tesla

KOBA launches connected EV Insurance, now available for Tesla

KOBA Insurance has launched its dedicated, comprehensive EV insurance policy, the first in Australia.

Initially available for Tesla vehicles, KOBA’s EV insurance – guided by feedback from the electric car community – includes features such as EV and Tesla-certified network repairers, charging equipment cover, lifetime repair guarantee and EV hire cars.

With the automotive landscape changing and electric cars becoming smarter, KOBA rewards customers with discounts for driving lower KM and a safe driving score at renewal.

Vehicle-specific EV insights are displayed through their smart app, including estimated battery range, trip-tracking and tyre pressure monitoring. Monthly EV usage reports and enhanced battery monitoring will appear soon as standard.

KOBA’s insurance solution syncs directly to the car’s onboard computer meaning EV brands onboard separately. Access and features for other EV owners will roll-out in the near future.

“An EV-specific insurance product has been a long-time coming and we’re pleasantly surprised by how quickly, even with one brand, it’s taking off. The momentum shows that an EV insurance specialist is something that customers see real value in and we’re excited to roll-out other EV brands soon to support more Australian EV drivers.” said Andrew Wong, Founder of KOBA.

“In particular, our EV-certified repair network seems to hit home…we understand the EV claims process is unique and treat it as such. We’re also rolling out usage reports, which will include things like energy consumption, charging costs, battery health, etc. Many EV owners use multiple apps to access this, as well as their insurance, so we’re excited to bring it all in one place to provide ongoing value to our customers.” continued Wong.

Visit KOBA’s website to learn more about KOBA comprehensive EV Insurance.