Do you know who you’re getting into bed with?

Do you know who you’re getting into bed with?

As new lenders pop up, seemingly overnight, Jacaranda Finance are going back to their roots.


With the new financial year looming, Jacaranda Finance has been hard at work re-building its brand, even going as far as designing a brand new logo. By going back to the company’s original roots of stripped down family values, Jacaranda Finance is reminding loyal clients why they’re the lender for every Aussie.

Founded in 2013 by Daniel Wessels, the company was lifted to new heights as Daniel brought on his father, younger brother and a close family friend. Since then, they have worked to provide tens of thousands of Australians with much-needed finance in a fraction of the time of other more traditional lenders. All without compromising on their values and why they joined the financial services sector in the first place.

Tying into those values are a deep appreciation for the beauty and strength of the Jacaranda tree, a fighting urge to help people and access to the latest in financial technologies. Jacaranda Finance has changed what it means to receive quality service with a smile.

“As a company, we have always been able to adapt with the changing landscape of the FinTech space to create technology and processes that work, whilst keeping the needs of our clients top of mind. We have, and will continue to, do this without compromising on what we stand for. We’re a small company with home-grown roots and a kind heart. It’s not in our nature to take advantage of our clients or abuse the trust they put in us when they apply for one of our loans,” stated Mr Wessels.

“There are always going to be people who disagree with our policies and the nature of this industry and we get that. We’re not here to shush the naysayers or force an opinion onto anyone. We’re just here to continue the work we’ve been doing for the last 5 years. We will continuously strive to learn, improve and succeed, for the sake of our clients.”

The Australian alternative lending space has more than doubled in the last 12 months, proving the demand for innovative services. Australia is fast becoming a regional leader which proves the ability of the financial services industry to innovate and embrace new ways of doing business, just like Jacaranda Finance has.

With a renewed sense of purpose, a fresh new(ish) look and a growing foothold in the Australian FinTech sector, there are very exciting things to come for this small Brisbane-based company. New projects, teamed with the introduction of more comprehensive credit reporting and the company’s commitment to developing to cutting-edge technology mean Jacaranda Finance is working to prove itself as a true lending underdog.

The new logo was designed by startup marketing agency, Pretty Damn Good. Director of the agency, Robyn Francis, couldn’t be happier with the result. “It’s taken a lot of back and forth to bed down the final design. We were tasked with ensuring that Jacaranda Finance present their current and future state as a FinTech, whilst staying true to their roots and their beloved tree. We feel that the end result perfectly captures what it means to be a part of the Jacaranda family, as each client and team member is,” Francis stated.

“We took the root of the company, being the jacaranda tree, and transformed it into what we believe is a perfect representation of the family values, modern thinking and advancements in technology that Jacaranda Finance so deeply embodies.”

“One of our main goals for our logo was to show our clients that, as technology has evolved, we need to as well, and we have. Our entire lending process is one of the quickest in the country and the feedback that we get from our clients is constantly of high praise. And we get this high praise because of one simple reason. We care. We’re not a big money lender after one thing. The nature of our company is based on the concept of hope, acceptance and, most importantly, family,” Mr Wessels added.

The company’s values, morale and capabilities have extended to its clients as well as its staff. The team of about 55 members work together in an easygoing yet hard working environment and each time a customer makes contact with someone from Jacaranda, the family tree will continue to extend.

In a final ode to the tree, Mr Wessels added, “growing up in Zimbabwe, I remember us taking a drive along Jacaranda-lined streets and hearing the buds pop under the wheels as we went by. Those days are long gone, but, as we settled into Australia I was thrilled to find those familiar buds painting the Brisbane streets purple. Regardless of the new surroundings, I had my family by my side and those beautiful branches to sit underneath – I was home. Now, whether you work with us or borrow from us, you’re a part of our family. Welcome home.”