Jacaranda Finance one of the first fintech lenders to offer approved funds in 60 seconds

Jacaranda Finance one of the first fintech lenders to offer approved funds in 60 seconds

Gone are the days of waiting for your money when you’re approved for a loan – Jacaranda Finance has introduced #cashin60seconds. Jumping onboard the immediate inter-bank transfer train, Jacaranda Finance has rolled out a new feature and they aren’t looking back. Gone are the days of waiting overnight for your approved funds – with Jacaranda’s immediate transfer service, you get your #cashin60seconds.


It’s no secret that the team at Jacaranda Finance are shaking up the short-term lending game for good. This group of online lending revolutionaries are making personal loans accessible to all Australians. Jacaranda doesn’t just walk the walk, they talk the talk. A quick look at their awards cabinet, featuring the ‘Champion of Financial Service Award’ trophy from this years’ 2019 Small Business Awards, is just one example. This prestigious award meant that Jacaranda was publicly recognised as a champion small business and an up and coming financial services provider. True to their title, Jacaranda is giving the competition something to think about by being one of the first financial service providers to implement instant bank transfer service.


“We want to provide our customers with the most up-to-date technology available,” explains CEO and founder Daniel Wessels. “ When they’re approved for a loan, most clients want access to the funds straight away. We can now deliver this to 90% of approved applicants.,” Wessels continues. Receiving over 4,000 loan applications per day, Jacaranda is making waves in the lending game. With the introduction of instant bank transfer, the Brisbane based lender expects to see applications soar.


‘We couldn’t see a reason not to make the most of this fantastic new technology,” says Wessels. Not only is Jacaranda’s immediate bank transfer service simple and straight forward to use but it’s also a safe and secure way to transfer funds. “At this stage, approximately 90% of Australian bank accounts have enabled immediate transfer services’ explains Wessels. “Our lending team is able to transfer funds instantly and securely to customers whose accounts offer this service,” explains Wessels, “it cuts out the waiting and allows our applicants to receive their funds in real time,” he continues.


“The best part about this new technology is the convenience,” says Jacaranda’s Loans Manager, Ryan Castles. “It’s ideal for both the Jacaranda team and our customers. Essentially, it makes everyone’s life easier,” Castles continues. There are so many benefits to the use of instant banking, it seems Jacaranda has jumped on board at just the right time. With most banks now recognising immediate transfer services, funds are able to be transferred in just 60 seconds. There’s no need to remember a BSB or account number and users are given the ability to check the payee’s name and details before transferring the funds. The Jacaranda team has hit the ground running with instant bank transfers implementing the technology from Monday the 24th of June so customers get their #cashin60seconds.


The Jacaranda team have proved themselves time and time again to be the leaders in online lending. “We want to make our mark on the lending industry,” says CEO Daniel Wessels, “our team is determined to move with the times. We’re all about adapting and transforming – that’s how we stay current and competitive. Watch this space!” continues Wessels. #cashin60seconds.