Is your portfolio truly diversified?

Is your portfolio truly diversified?

Investors and analysts using LENSELL® have a new tool to help them check the health of their portfolio of ASX stocks.

Diversiview™ is a visualisation tool that provides users with an easy-to-understand diagram view of their portfolio’s granular diversification.

What is portfolio granular diversification, you may ask.

High level diversification by asset type or industry sector alone is not sufficient, as different stocks in the same industry can behave differently. Economic events affect certain industries more than other and may affect certain stocks more than others within the same industry.

Research shows that well-diversified portfolios are more resilient to market volatility and can increase the probability of an acceptable outcome over time.

Many know of diversification’s benefits, but how many are using the knowledge?

Try Diversiview™ today for your portfolio – it is free for up to 5 stocks, so you can see how it works. No card required and you can try as many scenarios as you like.

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Disclaimer: Diversiview™ does not provide trading or investment advice and it does not consider your personal financial circumstances. XBRL Advance accepts no responsibility for any claim, loss or damage as a result of using the Diversview™ application. Please consult a finance professional before buying or selling any securities or before making any other changes to your portfolio.