Iress unveils new community platform, Advisely

Iress unveils new community platform, Advisely

Aims to increase efficiency, profitability and scale

Iress has announced the launch of Advisely – a free community platform for financial advisers, paraplanners and practice managers. With increasing pressure on margins within advice practices and an ever-growing demand for advice from Australians, Advisely aims to support advisers, paraplanners and practice managers to streamline and improve their advice practices to increase efficiency, profitability and scale.

Drawing on findings from Iress’ Financial Advice Efficiency Report 2023, Advisely provides tailored insights and expert guidance to streamline all aspects of advice delivery.

Iress’ Executive General Manager for Wealth, Kelli Willmer, said, “For more than 20 years Iress has provided critical industry infrastructure to the financial advice industry, as it has continued to grow and evolve. Through our conversations with clients, and our own research, we know one of the biggest areas of opportunity for advice professionals is the ability to boost productivity through smarter ways of working.

“We believe advisers could shave as much as four hours off the advice delivery process of every client by streamlining a number of aspects of the advice process – from client attraction and onboarding, to advice creation and execution.

“And yet, advice can often be a very lonely pursuit, and it can be hard to know where to get help. This is why we’ve created Advisely: to bring the financial advice community closer together, surround it with the right expertise and support; and collectively elevate the advice profession to prosper and grow in order to meet the needs of more Australians.”

“Advisely forms a key part of Iress’ refreshed strategy to double down on our commitment to our Australian financial advice clients, as well as the broader wealth industry. We want to be a driving force for part of the transformation needed to help more Australians to receive high quality advice.”