IRESS’ technology investment increases to meet demand

Listed Australian fintech IRESS predicts a continued increase in its product and technology investment as it meets growing client demand in Australia and internationally.


IRESS is one of Australia’s largest financial technology businesses with offices in Australia, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Canada, Singapore and New Zealand.  It employs more than 1,750 people.


IRESS today announced revenue for 2016 of $389.7 million, up 8% on 2015. Reported net profit after tax was up 7%.


For the 2016 year, IRESS invested $96 million in product development and technology for financial services including banks and financial advisors.


IRESS’ Chief Technology Officer, Andrew Todd, said strong demand from clients meant IRESS would continue to increase its technology investment, which includes an increase in the number of employees in the coming year.


“We’re continuing to enhance the user interface and ultimately the customer experience through innovation in our tools, technologies and processes. We ensure that we’re delivering value through that innovation and will continue to work closely with our clients to achieve this outcome.”