Iress partners with Striver to strengthen talent in financial advice industry

Iress partners with Striver to strengthen talent in financial advice industry

ASX-listed Iress have announced a new partnership with leading financial services career pathway provider, Striver, to attract much needed talent into the financial advice industry. As demand surges for financial advice in Australia, the partnership aims to materially grow demand from aspiring talent looking to enter the financial services community while also delivering new in-depth training materials and information for newcomers.

Iress has taken the role as a key partner and presenter at Striver’s 2024 Brimstone event series, where students and graduates can explore career opportunities in the financial advice and wealth management industry. This year’s showcase series commenced in Melbourne on Tuesday 19 March, where Iress leaders met with students, graduates and career changers to explore and discuss exciting, rewarding and dynamic roles across the industry and how to build a successful career.

In addition, Iress will provide Striver with a series of new Xplan training modules for Striver’s Mentor Education Unit, where students, graduates and job seekers can experience the latest products and platforms that are used in the industry. The training offers real-world experience and comprehensive understanding of how technology and platforms are used by advisers to deliver effective and efficient advice to clients and grow their business.

Kelli Willmer, Executive General Manager – Wealth APAC, Iress, said, “There are over one million Australians unable to get the financial advice they need today, growing the numbers in our profession and building a strong talent pipeline is crucial. A career in financial advice is an ideal fit for the desires of many smart, driven students out there today – fulfilling, rewarding and intellectually stimulating.

“As the industry’s mainstay software provider, we are committed to helping generate that demand and showing what that career can look like. We believe that Striver is the standout best player in the space, with significant reach, fantastic engagement and strong relationships in place with our key licensee and product partners.”

Alisdair Barr, Founder and CEO, Striver, said, “Making financial advice more accessible to Australians requires clear career pathways. To attract more talent into the industry we need to shine a spotlight on the great careers and provide more education and resources to help candidates take their first steps. Iress shares our vision to create fulfilling careers for future talent and this partnership will help build our industry’s continued excellence.”