IRESS launches its next-generation client portal to meet core client servicing needs

IRESS launches its next-generation client portal to meet core client servicing needs

Financial technology business IRESS today announces the launch of its next-generation client portal with a clear focus on engagement.

The new client portal, available now through IRESS’ market-leading financial software solution XPLAN, provides a contemporary, simple to use, front-end solution for businesses to engage their clients in a range of services digitally.

IRESS product executive, Emily Chen said, “Today’s financial services businesses, including advice businesses, need to deliver a professional and personalised digital experience to their clients, offering an accurate perspective of their investments and financial life. Our new client portal provides a secure and straight-forward way for clients and financial professionals to engage and communicate with each other 24/7 and can be delivered at scale and with ease.

“Significantly, IRESS’ new client portal allows businesses to increase profitability through the effective engagement and servicing of their client base as well as efficiently acquiring new clients.

“Client portals are becoming increasingly vital to financial services businesses as they seek to improve their service by offering their clients more personalised and convenient self-service access. In collaboration with its clients, IRESS identified a significant market requirement for a client portal that focuses on delivering core services.

“One of these core services is for an adviser and client to be able to communicate securely and efficiently with each other. An increasing public focus on data breaches has highlighted the importance of doing business securely. Convenience is another major driver in improving engagement with consumers, who expect to interact with brands easily, using the device they prefer.”

The client portal offers:

  • Portfolio asset allocation and performance data – presented in a visually engaging and interactive design that provides the end client with valuable insights
  • Assets and liabilities breakdown – split by managed and non-managed assets so the end client has a clear understanding of what their adviser is looking after for them
  • Secure messages and documents – two-way sharing of documents, and a mobile optimised experience for use on the go
  • Digital signatures – electronic signing of documents by one or more parties, enabling speedy and straightforward document signing in line with consumer expectations
  • A range of templated website designs – small and large businesses alike can easily customise their portal to their brand.