Introducing the new Frollo: Empowering Better Banking

Introducing the new Frollo: Empowering Better Banking

By Piet van den Boer, Head of Marketing at Frollo


Today, we’re excited to introduce the new Frollo.

Four years ago, we jumped headfirst into the world of Open Banking, excited about its potential to transform finance. Remember the early days? Lots of questions, endless possibilities, and a shared purpose: using data to build better outcomes for everyone.

Well, we’ve learned a lot since then. Partnering with Big Four banks, mutuals, lenders and brokers, we’ve seen the power of Open Banking in action – saving time, lowering costs, and increasing customer love. The Consumer Data Right landscape has matured, too, and now we’re ready to reflect that evolution in our brand.

So, what does that mean?

We believe in the power of Open Banking in making things better: more accessible, more transparent, and more efficient. Frollo is helping Australia bank smarter, not harder.

Our mission is to empower the financial sector with the Open Banking tools and tech it needs to make the move to a world of better, more open, banking. In this world, data flows freely and securely, positively impacting everyone along the way.

We’re passionate about helping our clients, but we’re just as passionate about helping their customers, too. Our technology makes life better for the millions of Australians our clients serve — whether it’s by helping them reduce debt, better manage their money, or reach their financial goals.

Better banking isn’t just for banks. Better banking is for all of us.

Check out our new website at to see how we’ve updated our look and feel to showcase what we’ve learned and where we’re headed.