Independent Reserve partners with RelayPay to allow businesses to transact with crypto

Independent Reserve partners with RelayPay to allow businesses to transact with crypto

Independent Reserve today announced a partnership with digital currency payments platform, RelayPay, in a move that enables Independent Reserve’s business customers to easily accept cryptocurrency payments.

Through the partnership, Independent Reserve business customers across Australia and New Zealand will be able to use liquidity on its platform to issue invoices and accept payments in a range of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDC and USDT, among others.

Independent Reserve business customers can opt for their customers to pay in crypto, while they get paid in dollars. They can accept, make and manage crypto payments through RelayPay.

Independent Reserve CEO, Adrian Przelozny, said, “As crypto becomes more mainstream in Australia and across the globe, we’re seeing increasing demand from businesses and consumers to use digital currencies to buy and sell goods and services.

“Our partnership with RelayPay provides businesses with more opportunities to transact using crypto. And as the cryptocurrency space continues to evolve and mature, we expect the opportunities for digital payments to continue to grow,” he said.

Through the partnership, customers of Independent Reserve businesses will be able to make payments via a free payments page customised with a business logo (that can double as a point-of-sale solution) or via e-commerce checkout.

RelayPay head of operations and growth, Danny Allen, said, “These days, it’s good business to accept multiple payment methods — and accepting crypto is the next savvy step to reaching a whole new customer base. Bitcoin and stablecoin volumes outpaced both Mastercard and Paypal last year.

“We’ve removed the obstacles for businesses to quickly get started. Your customers pay with cryptocurrency, you get paid in dollars. All while leveraging crypto payment tech benefits that eliminate merchant pain points like chargebacks, unauthorised payments, unexpected fees and slow settlements,” he said.

RelayPay was named “Best Banking and Payments Innovation” in the 2023 Finder Innovation Awards, also receiving a highly-commended recognition in the “Best innovation in digital currencies & Web3” category.

Independent Reserve’s partnership with RelayPay is the latest in a series of innovations and major announcements for Independent Reserve this year, including becoming the first Australian exchange to integrate PayPal as a funding option, and the acquisition of – both of which further cement Independent Reserve as Australia’s leading cryptocurrency exchange.