Heritage Bank pioneers Prosper CRM upgrade from Timestar

Heritage Bank pioneers Prosper CRM upgrade from Timestar

Australian software development company Timestar has partnered with Heritage Bank to pioneer a significant upgrade of its Prosper CRM software, which has been totally rewritten to meet the demands of the modern work environment.

The two proudly Australian-based companies have collaborated to implement significant improvements to the Prosper CRM, which is designed for, and exclusively used by, the mutual banking sector.

Heritage Bank is the first of around 70 Prosper CRM customers across Australia and the United States to deploy the newly updated system into production.

The new version of Prosper uses API capabilities to better integrate systems such as customer onboarding and loan application platforms with the bank’s core banking system.

The new Prosper provides instant access to a full central view of the customer, with all information located on one central tab.  This new easier-to-use interface can reduce service times by up to a third, with all information now centrally available on one tab.

It also provides greater flexibility with the ability to carry out most enhancements and maintenance in-house, which few programs of this sort offer. This feature will slash maintenance times in half.

Importantly, the new Prosper CRM is designed for Microsoft 10 and has also provided Heritage with the tools and functionality to meet a range of new regulatory requirements currently coming into effect, such as RG271 complaints handling, Open Banking, Design and Distribution Obligations (DDO) and Anti-Hawking provisions.

Heritage CEO Peter Lock praised the success of the collaboration between the two organisations, which has had benefits for all.

“We’ve had a long-standing and very rewarding relationship with Timestar, and working with them on this project has cemented those bonds.

“The updated Prosper CRM definitely helps us know our members better and see their current Heritage relationship faster. The system’s functionality is based around the way a mutual bank operates, which means putting the interests of our members first.

“We’re delighted to be the first Prosper CRM user to implement the updated version of the system, which helps us to do an even better job on delivering for our members.”

Managing Director of Timestar, Paul Brierley, said the improvements to Prosper CRM were significant and would have a wider impact across the mutual sector.

“We’re proud to have been partners with Heritage Bank since 2005, helping them to continually improve upon the outstanding member experience that Heritage is known for.

“This Prosper CRM upgrade was a true partnership between Timestar and Heritage, with the two organisations collaborating on the review and improvement of almost every aspect of the system.

“Now, Prosper has all the capabilities and flexibility Heritage Bank needs to meet the ever changing needs of their members and the regulatory environment they work in.

“Those improvements will also flow through to all the other customer-owned banking organisations that use our system.”