HashChing cracks the growth hacking code with young millennials

Growth hacking – the new buzzword for the techies – a growth strategy for businesses heartily embraced by many bold and out of the box startups and denounced by the conventional marketer.

Simply put, growth hacking refers to using creative and technical marketing techniques with the sole purpose of growth. Current online users are quite wary of signing up on websites and providing their personal information. A lot of talent and creativity is required to engage them to sign up for a website or subscription; exactly what growth hackers do by organizing cool competitions, building email lists, offering double sided referrals and much more.

If you are a start-up planning a quick launch in a small budget or looking to increase the number of users on your website without investing thousands of dollars, hiring a growth hacker could be the key to registering the numbers.

The famous also hacked – Companies like Facebook, Airbnb, LinkedIn, Quora and Twitter made it big by using inventive and creative strategies. The reason for their success: in-depth user analysis and creative insights.

A growth hacker thinks differently. A creative spirit, a technical mind and the ability to think from the consumer’s point of view is the perfect recipe for a growth hacker.

Tamir Vigder, a 16-year old genius, has recently joined the HashChing team as a growth hacker. HashChing aims to simplify the home loan process in Australia through access to negotiated home loan deals, expert guidance and an informative blog.

Ebba Eriksson, a 23 year old Swedish marketing student, was the winner of HashChing’s Growth Hack competition 2015. She was recommended by one of her college teacher Fabricio Mason to enter the competition after he had recognized her potential and ambition, and after the 78 hour competition she wowed the judges with her Growth Hack ideas and creativity. Ebba moved from Sweden to Australia by herself aged 22 to complete an Australian Bachelor of Business at APM College of Business and Communication in Sydney. Although she only just finished her first year in college she has received great recognition from teacher and the Growth Hack judges alike because of her characteristic determination, ambition and unique skill to understand and address people.

The Road Ahead – To gain more traction and increase the traffic further on the website, Tamir and Ebba have some ingenious plans up their sleeves. They have embarked on the engagement with a modest budget of $20 per month and plans to run 3-5 campaigns each month, meaning less than $5 per campaign!

They kickstarted the journey at HashChing on 13 November, with few exciting growth hacks planned for this month. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

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