GuildSuper live with Iress’ Automated Super Admin and SuperConnector

GuildSuper live with Iress’ Automated Super Admin and SuperConnector

Technology company Iress announced GuildSuper has gone live with both its Automated Super Admin and SuperConnector services.

GuildSuper manages $2.4 billion on behalf of over 80,000 members in the pharmacy, childcare, veterinary and allied health industries. After a rigorous review process, Iress was selected to enable GuildSuper’s digital transformation and drive greater efficiencies and savings across the fund.

Guild is the first super fund to implement Iress’ newly enhanced SuperStream gateway service SuperConnector. The addition of a clearing house service means employers are now able to make superannuation contributions to multiple super funds for their employees from one central portal—increasing efficiency and reducing risk.

Additionally, Guild is now also live with Iress’ Automated Super Admin—a technology-enabled administration service which reduces the number of manual processes required for managing fund operations and compliance obligations.

Iress general manager of superannuation, Jeff Hall (pictured) said, “We’ve been delighted to partner with Guild on its digital transformation. Our guiding approach has been to complement Guild’s member and employer-focused services with technology to optimise process efficiency and eliminate unnecessary and manual tasks. It’s pleasing to see the benefits this has already reaped for Guild members, employers and employees.”

Guild Trustee Services general manager, Greg Everett, said, “At Guild, we are committed to becoming Australia’s leading digital super fund. Iress has been a critical partner in supporting us to achieve this goal—we’ve been delighted with the speed of which the implementation has progressed as well as the operational efficiencies we’ve already achieved.

“The feedback we’ve received from employers using the new SuperConnector service has been nothing short of incredible—with one employer going so far as to say they are ‘amazed’ at the improvement in efficiency. With Iress’ support, we look forward to building on this platform to continue to improve both the experience, and ultimate retirement outcomes, of our members.”

About Iress’ superannuation services

Iress currently provides superannuation software and services to more than 50 funds, which have more than $380 billion of funds under management and more than four million member accounts.

Automated Super Admin provides funds with a service which includes:

  • A core transactional and record-keeping platform.

  • Real-time access to transactions and data for members, employers, advisers and the fund’s service teams including through an online portal.

  • Automation of workflows and back-end administration, including both straight-through and exception-based processing.

  • A superstream gateway which supports the submission and routing of contribution and rollover information from transaction source to destination.

  • A member communications management application to automate all forms of stakeholder communications (for example, letters, emails, SMS and social media).

  • An optional CRM application which has the ability to integrate with telephony solutions and can provide a 360-degree view of members and employers, as well as supporting prospect and campaign management.

  • An optional fund accounting service which is supported by an accounting system that incorporates the fund’s general ledger.

  • Access to self-serve and rich data including data analytics.

SuperConnector allows super funds and employers to send and receive messages in compliance with SuperStream messaging standards including the SuperStream Data and Payment Standard, and Standard Business Reporting standards. It helps to improve the quality and accuracy of data—reducing risk—while ensuring data transmission is both seamless and secure.

SuperConnector can provide funds, and their employers, a service which includes:

  • Standard Business Reporting messaging – to manage MAAS (Member Account Attribute Service) and MATS (Member Account Transaction Service) obligations.

  • SuperStream messaging – including the capability to transmit SuperStream compliant contributions and rollover messages.

  • Clearing house – enabling employers to transmit data and payments so they can meet their SuperStream obligations.