Global fintech Revolut launches Joint Accounts in Australia enabling frictionless joint finance management

Global fintech Revolut launches Joint Accounts in Australia enabling frictionless joint finance management

Revolut, the global financial super app with more than 40 million customers worldwide, has today announced the launch of its new Joint Accounts product in Australia, enabling two people to share their finances in one single place.

Revolut’s Joint Accounts feature will allow customers to create an extra account within the Revolut app to be jointly owned by two people – whether they are partners, family members, housemates or friends. These new accounts offer customers greater flexibility in managing their finances, through pooling resources and the ability to manage a common budget.

Revolut’s Joint Accounts have been designed to increase financial flexibility and inclusion, and to suit the needs of all customers and their personal relationships. By providing a frictionless account opening process that can be completed in three easy steps, Revolut aims to actively remove the barriers associated with creating a joint account with a traditional bank. Joint Accounts, along with Revolut <18, are designed to easily support family finance management, but can equally be used by all types of duos, be it among partners, siblings, roommates or friends.

200,000 of Revolut’s customers in the UK and Europe are predominantly using Joint Accounts for everyday spending, with the top spending categories being supermarket shopping and restaurants.

Matt Baxby, CEO of Revolut Australia, said, “As we continue to innovate and expand our offerings to meet the evolving needs of our customers, we’re thrilled to introduce Joint Accounts in Australia. This new feature aims to empower users to seamlessly share and manage their finances with a partner, family member, housemate or friend, without the hassle of traditional banking processes. With Revolut’s Joint Accounts, we’re enhancing financial flexibility and inclusion, making it easier for Australians to achieve their financial goals together.”

All Revolut retail customers in Australia are eligible to open a Joint Account from within the Revolut app today.