Game changing FinTechs and Challenger Banks drive FinTech Summit 2022 agenda

Game changing FinTechs and Challenger Banks drive FinTech Summit 2022 agenda

“The rise of fintechs and Challenger Banks continues; the best survive and thrive,” said Glen Frost, Founder of the FinTech Summit 2022, now in its 9th year.

Our program continues to reflect the best entrepreneurs and the most successful fintechs, challenger banks, Card Providers, Open Data & CDR experts, with additional panels on residential lending and the state of venture funding.

The Opening Keynote will be provided by Jaco Veldsman, Co-Founder of Paytron, an Award winning fintech.

“Why are we opening with Paytron?” asked Frost. “Let me tell you why: Paytron started in 2020 with 1 feature covering 2 capabilities – Domestic and International payments. Now, they have 9 core features covering more than 25 capabilities that enable customers to manage their entire cash flow from start to end using only one platform. From automated invoice capture to approval workflows, multi-currency business accounts, Xero integration, corporate cards and FX. Customer numbers have increased 500% this year, volume is up 75 times, and to top it all, this year they signed a ground-breaking partnership and global collaboration with US banking powerhouse, J.P. Morgan.”

The Challenger Banking panel covers the ADIs/RADIs that are taking on the incumbents; from the ASX listed Judo Bank to newcomers Alex Bank, Avenue Bank and the Islamic Bank of Australia.

The FinTech Summit also has a Banking Keynote address, this year from David Walker, Group Chief Technology Officer, Westpac.

According to Frost, “Partnerships and Innovation with Banks are a key strategy for fintechs, and this keynote address will help focus fintechs on what banks are looking for from fintechs, and how banks and fintechs can work together.”


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