Gain in-demand FinTech skills with UNSW

Gain in-demand FinTech skills with UNSW

University of New South Wales (UNSW) is equipping finance and IT professionals with the skills needed to apply the latest technology and build innovative products in the growing FinTech sector with its 100% online Master of Financial Technology.

According to an EY FinTech Australia Census Report (2020), Australian FinTech companies are struggling to find suitable talent with the right mix of technology and finance skills.

Senior Lecturer and Program Director, Dr. Luis Goncalves-Pinto, said that the program will equip students with both the technical skills and finance knowledge to prepare for industry demand.

FinTech is all about dealing with different types of data from the financial services industry, according to Adjunct Lecturer Juraj Hric, so it’s essential for professionals to know the various database systems available, as well as their pros and cons.

“There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to dealing with data. Part of the master’s program is the Data Management for FinTech course, which will help students to understand which database to use given the characteristics of the data – this can be either quantitative or qualitative, structured or unstructured,” he said.

“After completing this course, students are expected to develop data management skills and be able to deal with many different data issues that can emerge in real-world circumstances.”

The 100% online Master of Financial Technology offered by UNSW is designed for ambitious finance and IT professionals who are looking to develop their technical programming skills and key capabilities to build innovative products and seize opportunities in the growing FinTech sector.

Associate Professor Breno Schmidt said that students will learn skills that they will be able to apply in various areas of FinTech – specifically, how to handle various types of data, package codes into different modules according to similarity and function, detect and handle errors during the coding process, and integrate their codes with other applications using interface programs.

“The financial sector is increasingly adopting new technologies to improve client services, which increases the value of having programming skills,” he said.

“The Technical Tools for FinTech course within the master’s program aims to help build such skills, with a focus on financial applications. We focus on Python, as it is the easiest programming language to learn, making it the main reason for its popularity. Due to its high demand, it provides people with both finance and programming skills a top spot in the sector.”

Delivered by Australia’s highly regarded school of Banking and Finance, at UNSW Business School, the program has been co-designed with industry to provide students with the sought-after competencies and skills to become a leader at the forefront of financial technology.

The online program is designed to seamlessly fit in with full-time work commitments and allow students to graduate in as little as two years.

Study intakes are offered every two months, with the Master of Financial Technology currently open for enrolments into its upcoming study period commencing in August 2021.

Learn more about how you can develop the in-demand skills to apply innovative FinTech solutions within start-ups and existing businesses with UNSW Online here.