FYG Planners partners with Asendium

FYG Planners partners with Asendium

Asendium, a tech-disrupter of the Financial Planning industry, announced they have partnered with National financial advice group FYG Planners as a key supplier of advice software that enables financial planners to deliver same day advice.

Asendium continues to transform the way financial planners deliver advice. Its dynamic platform is simple to use, easy to learn, and delivers a significant cost reduction in producing advice for everyday Australians.

Financial planners under FYG’s license will be able to access their approved Statement of Advice (SoA) through Asendium’s Statement of Digital Advice (SoDA) system. This allows FYG and individual financial planning businesses to tailor the SoA to their specifications, in a fraction of the time and cost compared to traditional means on the market.

Asendium acts as the ‘guard rails’ for developing compliant advice, and financial planners can generate in-house, same day comprehensive and personalised advice – for a multitude of advice areas in combination with generating fact finds, strategy papers, and file notes.

“At Asendium, our mission is to help every eligible Australian access high quality, affordable financial advice. This starts with streamlining the advice production process for financial planners,” Asendium CEO Scott Miller said.

“Through our deep integrations and Statement of Digital Advice (SoDA) system, Asendium is on its way to becoming the market-leading financial planning software that will power the advice landscape of the future.

FYG Planners General Manager Andrew Wootton said the partnership with Asendium further underlines FYG’s commitment to supporting advisers with quality technology solutions.

“FYG is committed to providing advisers with the tools that help them speed up and streamline the advice process so they can focus more on their clients, and Asendium delivers in both those areas.” Wootton said.

“Building on top of our internally developed WealthEye CRM, the partnership with Asendium means FYG has one of the most exciting technology value propositions for advisers in the Australian advice marketplace.”