Future Hub: ‘one-stop shop for blockchain expertise’

Future Hub: ‘one-stop shop for blockchain expertise’

Australian technology company Lakeba Group’s blockchain division has set up Future Hub, “a one-stop shop for blockchain expertise,” according to Lakeba chief growth officer and Future Hub head Darren Younger.

The idea behind Lakeba’s Future Hub is to combine the company’s technology skills with expertise from financial, legal and other relevant specialisms.

A number of projects are already underway in various industries, said Younger, but not many are at the stage where the parties can be identified.

Examples include financial services (using blockchain to avoid pay-slip fraud), health (attesting to the authenticity of laboratory results), agriculture (protecting data from IoT devices), supply chain (validating goods or services), energy (to provide proof that a retailer has purchased as much green energy as it claims to have delivered to customers), and the intersection of investment and tourism (granting investors tokens representing their share in a resort, and then allowing those tokens to be used as currency at the resort).

Projects and use cases vary, Younger told iTWire, but an important part of Future Hub’s purpose is to help people find situations where there is a real business case for blockchain.


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Source: iTWire – Future Hub: ‘one-stop shop for blockchain expertise’