FuseSign announces integration with Xero Practice Manager

FuseSign announces integration with Xero Practice Manager

FuseSign today announced a new integration with global small business platform Xero, bringing a new digital signing platform to integrate with Xero Practice Manager (XPM). This integration allows Xero customers worldwide to securely sync their contacts list from XPM with their FuseSign account to auto-populate the signee details into their documents.

“We acknowledge that accounting firms have data in all different places, so we’ve designed this integration to leverage the single source of truth—their practice management system,” says Scott Barber, FuseWork’s Co-Founder and Head of Product.

Accounting practices need efficiencies and having a quick turnaround on getting documents signed and returned is critical, says Melissa Voss, Co-Founder and Head of Clients and Partners at FuseSign.

“The volume of compliance documents circulating in and out of a firm on any given day is huge, with many moving parts. The impact of manual errors occurring is high, especially for time-critical documents. By offering clients the added convenience to sync their client’s contacts from XPM to FuseSign, accounting practices worldwide stand to benefit from time savings, and reduce the risks associated with manual errors, which can be costly.”

Being a Chartered Accountant for a number of years, Voss understands the industry pain points and key drivers that make an accounting practice thrive. That has been the motivation behind founding FuseWorks, FuseSign’s parent company.

“Managing a practice for over a decade, technology limitations were always a source of frustration with the team. For that reason, we don’t launch any product that we wouldn’t personally use as a Chartered Accountant in our practice. Every tool, detail, and decision of which feature to include or eliminate from our products are carefully considered with that in mind, allied with ongoing research and client feedback. So, integrating FuseSign with XPM was a natural next step for us, and now accounting practices globally can benefit from it.”